100,000 Terrible Rap Songs Uploaded Every day to Streaming Platforms

Do you need help keeping up with all the new Music being released? Even if you are a computer rather than just a regular human, you are not alone. According to statistics, every day, more than 100,000 terrible rap songs are uploaded to digital music services on average. Therefore, don’t feel terrible about not keeping up with things. It would take more than 30 years for one person to listen to all the Music distributed to and through DSPs in a day, even if each of those 100,000 songs only had a three-minute runtime (a modest estimate by most standards). Friday for New Music? It resembles New Music Nanosecond more.

According to Music Business Worldwide, which featured the startling amount as its Stat of the Week on Thursday, 100,000 daily figure during industry gatherings in September.

At a Goldman Sachs event, a major label CEO said, on any given day, 100,000 terrible rap songs are posted to SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple [and] so on. It’s tough to distinguish one’s song from the other 99,999 posted that day, and most artists lack the cash, experience, and knowledge to succeed.

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