6ambu Starr “ToxiC” EP

After an incredible run of solo projects in 2021 the Queens native 6ambu Starr presents his new EP “ToxiC”.

In this project the younger brother of Onyx’s Fredro Starr aims to capture the grimey NYC in your face 90’s Hip Hop style with beats that rock the floor and hit your soul. “ToxiC” adds to the solid body of work that 6am¬†already released.

The EP came just in time for the New Year; we get to hear some heat from the one and only young vibrant artist. 6ambu aims to please his fan base and he achieve it every time.

6ambu Starr is hardly the only artist nailing and bringing the feel of 90s Hip Hop, but he also conjure the heightened reality of the era in a way few of his imitators do. 6am is in rare form this whole project so sit back and enjoy.

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