Rebel Music: Why Hip-Hop and Grime are Backing Jeremy Corbyn

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Something that has the potential to be seismic is in the middle of happening. For the first time in any of our lives and possibly the last, there is a leader of a mainstream political party who is directly and not cynically standing up for US. Before making a call on the likelihood of whether he might actually win, it’s worth thinking about just how unlikely it should seem that he is in the position he’s in right now at all. Before Corbyn, how likely would anyone have thought it was that emerging from our political climate we might find the first honest political leader any of us have ever seen beat 100-1 odds to become the leader of the opposition party in 2015?

How likely beyond that, would it have seemed that someone that actively opposes the corrupt relationship between government, the super wealthy and the media would survive the whole quote unquote establishment (and the right-wing half of his own party) trying to unseat him, and still be here at the point an election is called? And still the best that his critics can come up with to level at him is that he’s soft. Apparently sucking Rupert Murdoch’s old wrinkly cock, giving tax breaks to your rich chums and throwing any morality to the wind to cosy up to Donald Trump is ‘strong and stable’. Taking on everything that we’ve always understood to be corrupt about political and economic power in our country clearly makes you a bit of a pussy.

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