BK’s Lave Declares There Will Be “Non of That” (Video)

BK vetted Hip Hop artist/producer Lave returns with another classic. Lave is renowned for delivering authentic, timeless Hip Hop tracks, and “Non of That” is no exception.

Representing NY Lave goes in bar for bar letting fools know what doesn’t fly with him. All that talking and shooting up, there’s non of that. All that clout chasing and fake rhymes, there’s non of that. Lave is on top of his game, suited with armor…Test him if you want but there’s non of that in NY or the five boroughs.

Classic fix-your-face head-nodding bass and catchy hook are sure to resonate in the streets and through all five boroughs. Watch the video below and connect with Lave on Instagram @hotrod564.

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