Bobby Seal aka Dymondz – You are either with me or against me!

Bobby Seal is a man of few, yet effective words. “I’m aware my style is different. I like being the outcast, the black sheep!” Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska he listened to a lot of classic blues artists. It definitely had a distinct effect on him. Artists like James Brown, BB King, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, & Jimi Hendrix. With the passing of his grandmother shortly before he turned 15 Bobby decided to take music seriously. There were so many influences for a teenager. Listening to artists like LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, Queen Latifah, and Usher to name a few. “I have a passion for storytelling. I like to use creative bars and metaphors, while keeping it soulful!”

“When writing I like to harmonize words to the background sounds of the beat. I write my words with the instruments.” Bobbys style is to get the crowd involved with the vibe of the music. “I get hype and start dancing.” Performing at the Atlanta Music Summit for Capital Records was a huge eye opener. It made him want to go harder and really compete in the industry! “I don’t know where I would be without music! Maybe have a regular job or in the streets getting into trouble.”

In June Bobby Seal aka Dymondz will be releasing his EP “Complicated”. “Going through everything I’ve been through with music, family, and relationships, it let me know the world needed to hear my story!” Bobby expressed that he feels the need for a positive way for the new generation. Keeping kids out of the streets and the neighborhoods safer. Feeling he can use his vision to “teach the ones god wants me to teach”! To him it’s all about giving back and being free of negative energy!

Going forward he discussed plans of doing more work on his brand. Taking out more time to do podcasts and interviews. He plans on traveling to different states and collaborating with different artists. He also expressed a desire to give back to the Denver community he now calls home. “I feel the need to help our community, especially those that are homeless”! The Ultimate win for Bobby Seal aka Dymondz, would be to perform at Rolling Loud! “The experience of seeing people from all around the world singing your music, I would be emotional!”

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Article By Angie Kirsch

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