Bobby Wolf – Gutta Baby

Being a rapper is all about eclectic taste and catchy melodies. Being an emcee is about fierce lyricism. The Tampa raised, Atlanta residing artist known as Bobby Wolf is all about the latter. This emcee/ producer is able to deliver music in a way that many artists lost the art of, which is being more underground and culturally motivated than in tune with financially structured music. After taking a long hiatus away from creating music, Bobby Wolf himself received a call from Tampa legend DJ Sandman about recording music on his newly formed label, Illsboro Records. Now Bobby Wolf is putting his stamp on the ongoing lore of what it takes to be a dope lyricist. His first official studio album “Wolf Legendary” is set for release on December 18.

(Bobby Wolf)  Instagram : general_bobby_og_wolf
(Illsboro records) : Instagram : illsbororecords

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