BX Hip Hop Veteran Avalanche The Architect Delivers ‘Let There Be War’ Solo LP

Avalanche The Architect releases his new solo album titled ‘Let There Be War.’ The 10- track project is aggressively delivered by way of his ferocious energy and lyrical slaughtering, no holds barred. The Bronx native shows off his NY grittiness, power 10. Each track vividly describes just why he’s known as the Boom Bap Barbarian. He’s bringing turmoil and destruction, Avalanche style to force Boom Bap back to the forefront. Avalanche’s monstrosity of wordplay combined with his MMA training/fighting disciple is present throughout the entire album and audiences are sure to grip onto his rawness along with the depths of his life story.

Talk the Talk kicks off the album with his infamous, signature Avalanche the Architect barbarian call. It’s more than evident he can talk the talk, on all levels but he can also come through with an iron fist as a means to speak. His reckoning will be felt whether it’s by bullets, Teflon armor, chalk outlines, etc. Ango Ambo gives off an intense hardcore feel as he describes the impact of his destruction. Immediately we hear potent metaphors and bold punchlines that undoubtedly will linger.

Raw Flesh is Hard to Digest is a bit less intense but still follows the pattern of destruction. Avalanche barbarically spews about his battles and being on top of the food chain. In the blink of an eye, he will tear at flesh and anatomy…battle him if you will.

In Lyrical Mastery, Avalanche tears down walls and breaks down barricades that most men/MCs are not able to. Metaphorically, when he rhymes it feels as if brains are being removed and prayer will need to begin. There is no escaping his unmatched style, temperamental deliverance, or explosive punchlines.

Bring Back Boom Bap is a promise to mumble, candy bubble gum rappers. Avalanche is triggered aimed to bully and put them to sleep. He makes it prominently clear their existence is null and void. In The War in Ukraine, Avalanche proclaims he’s armed for war and ready to shake the earth. His poisonous venom, bar for bar will cause utter madness which is exemplified by the Sparta excerpt outro.

Brainiac Mainiac describes Avalanche and how he moves. It’s armies against his team so proceed with caution. He’s a sharpshooter and doesn’t discriminate by age, culture, or economics. Need something done or handled, call Avalanche. Auditory Blitzkrieg exudes heightened cinematic poignancy which compliments Avalanche’s lyrical antics about causing casualties and brutality.  This is targeted at those who glorify societal travesties.

As noted earlier, Boom Bap Barbarian describes Avalanche the Architect. In this track, we learn just what the means. He carries a heart like the tin man and is quicker than quicksand. He can take down any ice grill and will violate with his hands, no weapons needed…tread lightly. The Lyricalist wraps up the 10-track solo project. Avalanche is on the next level with strong vocals rep after rep. His mission is to bring boom-bap back to the forefront by means of his signature Avalanche force.

One thing is for certain, Avalanche The Architect delivers about 25 minutes of back-to-back tracks brewing with fervent lyricism, in-your-face wordplay, and storytelling that defines his name and stature. Audiences will experience bone-chilling moments, adrenalizing Quotables, and a sense of rawness that is sure to rattle the mind, body, and soul. Stream the full album of ‘Let There Be War’ and connect with Avalanche The Architect below.

Let There Be War’ YouTube playlist

Connect with Avalanche The Architect


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