CapCizza – True Emcee

Soundscape by Anno Domini Beats Mixed and Mastered by KP of Rebelz Advakit Song Lyrics🎤🔥: Verse1️⃣: I’m In alignment/When I’m writing✍/ to create Alone/the climate in the silence/ with my rhyming Is my way to Zone/because it’s All up in a CYCLE 🚲 when I BLAZE 🔥 to ROME /would never need a Ghostwriter/GHOST RIDER helping me with FLAMES IN DOME🔥💀(Marvel’s Ghost Rider Reference)/How an artists move/ is different what they honor too/The PICTURES 🖼being PAINTED 🎨with our words is What were DRAWN 🖌 into/ But just for BALLING 🏈 they would play on what is profitable/the CHANGING OF THEIR STRATEGIES/ to score while in the AUDIBLE🏟/ a CARNIVAL🎡🎠/ CLOWNS 🤡 that’s performing in it Intense/IN TENTS 🎪/ the audience in tune Don’t see tricks within it just yet/they think they’re gangsta till exposing by a chin check🤜💢/its GROSS 🤢💵 COMPENSATION/ and the soul is at a EXPENSE 💲/ A fake chronicle/Ya Buy on It Cool/BIONICLE/I just figure BRICK FOR BRICK 🧱 you wear a MASK🎭 for your CREW (Lego:Bionicle Toy Line Reference) /think your cool/cuz the triggers 🔫that you blasting bring into is fear /the STICK SHIFT 🚗 on ya DRIVE see ya switching gears/ Chorus🎶: Can give Fuck about the Gossipers/They only care for the art unless its popular/ Well This to me/ is the blind can’t see/ what’s trendy isn’t part of a True Emcee/to me/ Whatever they are Selling /SAILING ⛵ cant be ROLLING with it / salute the DRIVE 🚗 but their WAVE 🌊 i’m not IN MOTION to it/Cuz This to me/ is the blind can’t see/ what’s trendy isn’t part of a True Emcee/to me Verse2️⃣: A bunch of CLONES in the ACT for all to see/ FAKE PERSONAS Imitating on a CHARACTER to be/so While they’re Thinking that it’s MAGIC ✨🔮in the SCENE/ they don’t notice that/i could KILL THOSE COPIES with PRESTIGE🎬(📽The Prestige:Christopher Nolan Movie Reference🎞)/All the CLUES left behind can be detected your not ill to me /belong in Special ED ❓ an ENIGMA❓ it’s just RIDDLES me❓(Riddler Reference:Batman Villain)(/ all these YOUNGIN name rappers can’t BE LITTLE me /the KID is UP TO BAT⚾️/(b) so see the RUN🏃‍♂️/(b)you’re in a LITTLE LEAGUE⚾️(Junior Baseball Reference)/ skillfully/ KICK 👣💢it with these PUNCHES 🤜💢need to rap clean / i MARVEL cuz they cant Attend Rings/TEN RINGS like its SHANG CHI🐉🥋(Marvel’s Shang Chi Reference)/Advisor/ADD PFIZER to these foes/ can’t outrap me/🤮 ILL OR NOT/ ya can’t the STAND the SHOTS 💉Like a VACCINE/ rap schemes/ heavy and Equipped whenever/ it would land /CHARGED UP, From what is RIGHT AT HAND/ like its MEGA MAN/ understand The Quality of verses that are Better than /Hoping that your HOOKS 🏴‍☠️ to PAN out Like its Neverland🏝(Peter Pan Reference)/for the plan Chorus🎶(Repeat) Verse 3️⃣: They BUCKLE up when getting CRACKIN In there JOINTS 👐/to convince that ima Failure /Well I’m here to Disappoint/DISS A POINT/A CAUTION SIGN ⚠️ to my hataz in the noise /to Try angles/TRIANGLES 🔺️ In a A LINE❗/ that be UNDERNEATH, the POINT/(Your not FITTED for the STYLE see your LIDS 🧢not as clever/I’m prepared to SNAP BACK to check Reflections in the Mirror/ they’ve been mistaken what is COVERED and A HEAD of /aim to WEARING out CAP / for the SPORT/ a New Error/NEW ERA(Hat Scheme🧢)/on their strategies/ In their fantasies /could see the Fallacy/to Thinking you’re a GOD✝️ to drop 😢 Tears/TIERS becomes a Blast For Me/BLASPHEMY*/and from it actually/ to Cap Becomes your Agony /when PLAIN and FABRICATED such a Waste/WAIST TO TOP a Casualty/CASUAL TEE 👕/What you’re 🍳COOKING’S poor taste when I minuever see /DELIVER 🚚on the GOODS to the CONSUMERS Like its UBER EATS 🚗🍴/( They Couldn’t Meddle/METAL with to have A BONE☠ to pick with me /( to Feel these SHARP PUNCHES coming at you like I’m WOLVERINE(❌-Men Reference)/to Emcees Chorus🎶(Repeat) Stream on all platforms 🍎Apple Music:… ✳Spotify:… ▶️ YouTube Music:… Follow Me on all Social Media below 📸 Instagram: @capcizzahiphop 🟦 Facebook:… 👻SnapChat: @ Capcizza ☑Tik Tok:
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