2Pac Vs. DJ Premier - The Don Premier

2018-12-04 4627

DJ Tiger presents Tupac Shakur's lyrics over the boombap classic production of DJ Premier. Also features Nas, Biggie, Big L, Method Man, Jeru Da Damaja & M.O.P. 0:00 Intro 0:54 Holla If U Friend or Foe 4:39 Gettin' Money 8:01 Open Fire With a Full Clip 10:22 Understand My Style feat. Nas 12:26 Sleep On Me 14:41 Preemo Speaks 14:56 It's All Real 16:53 My Enemies Gave Me Power 19:30 Dirty War Games 22:02 Hell 4 A Hustla 25:06 Paper On My Block 28:35 Hail Mary 31:45 Preemo Speaks Again 31:55 Old School Memories 35:39 Neva Call U Bitch Again feat. Jeru the Damaja 39:07 7 Days of Temptation feat. Craig David 42:34 Love Sickness 45:20 Tears of Disciple 48:14 The Legacy 50:39 Makaveli Vs. M.O.P. 53:55 Step in Pac's Arena 55:47 Thug Style 58:45 A Classic Combination feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Big L 1:01:44 Still Ballin' feat. Kurupt 1:05:01 Staring Through My Rearview feat. Methodman 1:07:43 Thugz Mansion feat. Nas 1:10:31 This Life I Lead 1:13:16 Throw Ya Gunz Up 1:15:38 Ready 4 Whateva 1:18:24 Rest In Peace 1:19:35 Bonus Track 1 - Pac's Inspiration 1:23:08 Bonus Track 2 - A Change Man
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