Eminem & Royce 5'9 - Never Before Seen Concert - 1999

2019-01-06 2038

Extremely rare and early footage of Eminem with guest Royce 5'9" (aka Bad Meets Evil) on February 16, 1999 at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA, USA promoting The Slim Shady LP. Watch mid-video as my camera battery runs out, so I have to plug it in... and the power goes out on the turntables due to too much power being drawn during his biggest song to date! This happened not once, but twice and to say Eminem was pissed is an understatement. Luckily, he never knew who did it until now! Sorry Marshall. To piss Eminem off even more, someone in the crowd tells him Cage is there which is right when the beef between these two artists was at its peak - watch his reaction! More random highlights include a girl jumping up on stage and taking off her shirt (tossed out), another fan jumping up on stage to request a song (tossed out) and Eminem doing his best Cartman impression. Video Credit: Adam "Quest" Walder Hip Hop History
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