Chief Xcel | Crate Diggers | Fuse

Blackalicious member DJ Chief Xcel talks about his run-ins with “trolls” and “Nazi’s” while digging and why you shouldn’t sleep on Kenny Rogers’ beats. Subscribe to the Fuse TV Channel:

Crate Diggers takes you behind closed doors to see the private vinyl collections of the world’s top artists, producers and DJs

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Fuse is empowering entertainment for young, diverse cultural adventurists. We celebrate artists, activists, and creators who break boundaries and challenge the status quo. Watch exclusive short-form originals like: ‘Mind Massage,’ ‘Lie Detector,’ and ‘Wreckreation’—all featuring the hottest new artists in music. Plus, exclusive clips of ‘The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle,’ ‘T-Pain’s School Of Business,’ ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood,’ and ‘Sugar And Toys.’

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