Chillow & DJ Grazzhoppa drop “Moving Targets” album

What do you get when two esteemed Belgian producers/DJ’s collaborate with their favorite New York / New Jersey MC’s? You get a bullseye. The long awaited release of the international album ‘Moving Targets’ by Chillowproductions & DJ Grazzhoppa is out now.

On Friday july 14th, the 3th single “OUT OF LOVE” drops. Moving Targets pretty much speaks for itself. For this single, the duo set their scopes on Brooklyn femcee Nejma Nefertiti. While she’s aiming for you!

The duo knew each other since 2017, when DJ Grazzhoppa worked out some of the scratching hooks on the music of Chillow. The vibe and dynamic was set there. After spending some time in the studio, it seemed obvious they had to work out more music together due their similar and matching style.

Both knew a bunch of rap veterans from New York / New Jersey that got excited. Doing a project like this over the internet was a ‘no go’ due Chillow his principle: ‘no studio time together = no music together’. So the duo created a stock of music and demo’s in Belgium for the go. With barely 800 euros in his bankaccount, Chillow decided to travel to New York and stayed there for 2 to 3 months.

When the money ran out, he had to come up with an idea to get some bread. Through his social media, he offered budget photography and videography for “New York” rappers. A lot of his friends and rappers offered a place to stay. In this way he could continue the journey in search of interested artists. When he returned to Belgium, the duo finished the production and mix together. They teamed up with graphic designer/record collector Tom De Geeter (Crate Records Kortrijk) for the ‘artwork’ and with DVL – photographer and member of Afterhours. Both are hip-hop fanatics. Everything seemed to work out smoothly, all pieces fell right into place. It just took a while to finance the entire project.

“Moving Targets” Download/Streaming Links:

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