Detroit Hip Hop Artist Dee Havior Releases “Free” Visuals

Dee Havior, a Detroit, MI-based Hip Hop artist releases visuals to his single “Free.” The record comes at a crucial time in both Hip Hop and the world. A drum-driven backdrop with soulful melodies and striking bass accentuates Dee Havior’s lyrical wisdom.

A revolutionary intro kicks off the record while Dee Havior overlooks his city. The video consists of rhymes laced with intricate storytelling. There are no gimmicks in the video to distract from his message. He paints a vivid picture of his lifelong desires which include being free and filled with opportunities. The empowering hook resonates and encompasses Dee Havior’s strong deliverance. Watch “Free” and connect below.


Instagram: @deehavior

Twitter: @deehavior & @zonedgod 

TikTok: @deehavior1

Fb musician page:

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