Dj Iceman Celebrates First Chart Position

Dj Iceman just celebrated the first time any of his songs hit a major chart and he couldn’t be happier. his song Doom Pause, which was released January 15th, hit a major surge and debuted at #6 on the ITunes UK Hip-Hop Chart on March 14 where it stayed in the top10 for 2 days and slowly made its way down the charts. The producer of 6 years had this to say
“I never thought something like this would happen its so surreal, and random, but i appreciate it and feel blessed” Dj Iceman Got into production after retiring form a 30+ year dj career. he has since but out over 200 beat projects and have had worked with the likes of Havoc, Dungeon Masta, Eternal (West Coast Killa Beez) Dj Flipcyde, Cuban Pete and Judah Priest.
Now Dj Iceman is anxious to see if he can score more chart positions with his vast library of beats
“all i can do is just keep putting in the work, making the investments in my craft, and taking the business serious.”

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