DMX: Hip Hop’s Greatest Success Story

DMX passed away on April 9, 2021 from heart attack triggered by overdose. He was on life support for a week showing little to no brain functionality. It’s an absolute tragedy that affected millions of us worldwide. He’s the only artist I’ve ever seen who’s outward and resolute faith in Jesus Christ never polarized his audience. And I believe the reason for that is because there was never an inkling of hypocrisy in his projections. Out of all the outpouring of love for DMX, this tweet resonated most with me: “My father said that DMX is the embodiment of living a full life. He’s been dirt poor, & he’s been a multimillionaire. He’s been in prison, & he’s performed in front of 400,000 people. Yet, every time you see him, he’s happy as can be. There aren’t any negative stories.” That’s absolutely true. And while we all lost a little bit of ourselves though his passing, I can’t say that the incident was necessarily a shock considering the life of Dark Man X. The phrase Hip Hop Saved My Life speaks directly to millions but I can’t think of another artist it applies to more literally. Earl Simmons saved millions of lives including his own through that microphone. And in that sense, to me, DMX is Hip Hop’s Greatest Success Story. Rest in eternal power. I hope you’re finally at peace. It’s All Happening.





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