DMX Recalled Meeting An Angel In An Interview 3 Weeks Before His Death

DMX left his physical body over a month ago after suffering a catastrophic heart attack in early April. Three weeks prior to his untimely death, X sat down for an in-depth interview with TV One for its Uncensored series. The first of two parts aired on Sunday night (May 16) and found the Ruff Ryders legend opening up about some intensely personal memories.

Ever the engaging storyteller, DMX recalled visiting a family friend with his mother and younger sister in his hometown of Yonkers, New York at 4 years old. His mother instructed him to watch over his little sister while she ran inside, but the young X found a dime on the ground and decided to abandon his duties and purchase a lollipop and ball instead.

“As soon as I stepped off the curb coming down from the store, a car hit me (and) knocked me way over on the other side of the street up under another car,” he said. That’s when he said a white woman holding a clipboard approached him and told him to stay still. Once X’s mother arrived on the scene and emergency vehicles were summoned, the woman vanished into thin air.

“You’d think that she would’ve stuck around because she saw the whole thing,” he continued. “I don’t know, I felt like it was an angel. She got no business being in the ‘hood with a fucking clipboard.”

Elsewhere in the interview, DMX spoke about his strong connection to canines, which he always represented in his music with albums like 2006’s Year Of The Dog. 

“[There are] two things capable of unconditional love: a dog [and] God,” he said. “Same word spelled backwards. I really feel like dogs are close to God.”

DMX’s dog Boomer was one of his best friends and X believed people were more intimidated by dogs than guns, so he would commit robberies with Boomer by his side. But Boomer died after being hit by car: “I watched my boy die right in front of me.”

It should comfort some of X’s fans to know he wasn’t afraid to die. Toward the end of the episode, he suggested he was confident there was life after death.

“Whatever you’re going through will be easier to go through because you know on the other end, God is waiting with your boarding pass: ‘C’mon let’s go,’” he said. “Don’t let a bad memory stay a bad memory, give it to God.”

Part Two of the event — titled Uncensored Special: DMX The Icon — airs on Monday (May 17) at 10 p.m. ET. Meanwhile, his first posthumous album Exodus is scheduled to arrive on Friday (May 28).

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