Dr. DRE – Top 10 Beats

Here at BeatGrade we decided to do our own Top Ten series of great producers. This feature is the Legendary and Great Dr.Dre. He has produced some of the Best albums of all time. This selection of beats we chose are not only some of our favorites, but the most influential beats we feel Dr. Dre has produced. This was also not based on what were his Big successes, otherwise we would have had songs “The Real Slim Shady” and “California Love”. The list was hard to choose, but here’s our Top 10 Beats from Dr. Dre. Help us get to 100K subscribers, subscribe now! https://bit.ly/beatgrade ***If there’s a producer who’s beats you feel we should list, please say their names in the comments below! BeatGrade is a music news source and media website for discovering talent and sharing music. New videos added weekly to our channel. Subscribe now for the latest updates, performances, interviews, and music from new and established artists. ▶▶▶ Help sponsor BeatGrade so we can continue to produce great content https://www.paypal.me/beatgrade Cashapp $beatgrade https://cash.app/$beatgrade We are Thankful for your sponsorship!
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