EarthGang Seemingly Dupes Fans After Promising Same-Day Release As J. Cole

On a night where the music industry had its first jolt of collective excitement in some time with new releases from 21 Savage, Nicki Minaj and J. Cole, one other high-profile rap group didn’t drop despite assured promises.

Atlanta rap group EarthGang built up hype for their latest album Ghetto Gods, the follow-up to their beloved Mirrorland in early February by teasing the project’s release to coincide with Cole’s return saying they were dropping the same day as Cole.

They continued to double down on this promise by posting an update quote tweet after Cole announced his next project, The Off-Season, would touch down May 14th. “Is this thing one (on),” EarthGang tweeted. “May 14th it is then.”

But when Thursday evening transitioned into midnight, there was no new EarthGang project, not even a single. Instead, the group posted two pensive faces of remorse in place of what should have been the announcement of the project hitting all DSPs.

It’s unclear why Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot either decided to hold off or were told not to release the album. Whatever the case, despite the excitement of last night’s releases, it didn’t stop fans from questioning the crew over Twitter.

But most notably, the Twitter account Explaining EarthGang, a page dedicated to decrypting the mysticism of EarthGang, couldn’t figure out what happened. Instead, they offered a loose hypothesis about the delay of the album.

So far, there are no updates on EarthGang’s Twitter or Instagram page about when Ghetto Gods will finally drop, but it’s safe to say the anticipation is high.

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