Fanto Music Presents Silence Da 5th’s “Vintage Brew” (Single) Ft. Haas G

NYC emcee Silence Da 5th releases his new single “Vintage Brew” through Fanto Music and Who?Mag Distribution with production by Xcel. Try and keep up with 5th’s catchy and thought-provoking punchlines if you can. You’ll catch snippets about Teflon wars, drugs, the food industry, and more. What’s your vintage brew? Somethings in life are better off not touched or tampered with, hence the words vintage and classic. The same can be said for vetted emcees and timeless music. 5th’s rhyme schematics flow over potent basslines and innovative NY melodies that underline his message. Stream “Vintage Brew” and connect with Silence Da 5th below.


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