For Notes82 Everything In NYC Is “Write Tonight” (Single)

Although an NYC anthem, Hip Hop heads and DJs around the globe are blaring “Write Tonight” through car speakers, on the blocks and rooftops, on b-ball courts, and everywhere you see bright lights and city lines.

Immediate hair-raising chills and head-nods are what to expect within the first 5 seconds of the track, which is signature for Notes82. He is famed and respected for his classic soul and Hip Hop vibes blended with invigorating twists and “Write Tonight” is no exception. Notes’ intricate wordplay captures his artistic and music growth with each up-coming and seasoned step through the concrete jungle. Before you experience his journey you need to get write tonight, so spark up, take a bite out of the big apple, and press repeat on this homage to NY and Hip Hop.

Stream “Just Write” here on preferred platforms and connect with Notes82 below.

Connect with Notes82




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