Girll Codee – El-Bonics [Official Video] #girllcodee

The official video for Girll Codee’s “El-Bonics” IG: @thegirllcodee Twitter: @thegirllcodee Tik Tok: @thegirllcodee_ Elbonics Lyrics Hiii Siddity: Smoking loud is good weed If I’m high I’m smacked Call it brown water But the old head says yack Shaabiggaa: You know Hennything is possible , yall use to call em prostitutes , We call em treeShes and thots , Cause they’ll suck a cock or. 2 Hiii Siddity: We call em slides too And if a nigga say he sliding thru Mean he tryna drive thru find u Shaabiggaa: You know the opps the opposition from the opposite side, we dont fuck with oppositions .. Hiii Siddity: politics for politicians if i slay i look good i aint talkin inquisition they chicken heads and birds? we aint talkin bout the pigeon Shaabiggaa: The trap where the money at The block / stuy where the hunniee at & if you got zoe’d then you cannot get ya money back Hiii Siddity: Dub is mad shit That mean it mean a lot Either I aint fucking w you Or that’s what im tryna cop Shaabiggaa: What you cop is what bought We got it on mean we fought Not enough, mean you short Put in work for whatchu want! Hiii Siddity: if i ever say its clipped its over or dead , over the bread? knock off ya coofie meaning off w ya head HOOK: I SPEAK SLANG AND IMA NEVER STOP SPEAKING ITS A PROPER Ettiquete W A LIL TWEAK TO IT Hiii Siddity: saying fuck is you talkin bout mean fuck is you talkin bout Sayless mean that it’s nothing for us to talk about i gotta put you on is something we gotta talk about talkin out ya jibs You should watch what you talkin Shaabiggaa: If he a breedy leave him hanging , tell that breedy keep it banging Ian stressing bout no breedy , call em breedy cause he nameless If it’s up, the. It’s it on , If it’s on then we gon get it If we get it , then you fucked ! Ima leave Ona pavement Hiii Siddity: if I dip then im out if its sturdy then its lit Shaabiggaa: If it’s lit , we outside … we outside cause it’s lit , ion mean a dance step.. when I say it’s time to spin . If we spin , we gotta catch em . Hiii Siddity: aight so boom mean this is how the story begin A custy is an addict for the coke or the box A box is the pussy and a pussy is a twat Shaabiggaa: Where I’m from all the bitches say suck my dick Andddd You know my body mean you catch my drift And a L is a lose Or a L is a spliff And if I say I’m wit whatever then that mean I’m wit the shits #WhatNewYorkSoundLike #Brooklyn #TheGirllCode
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