ILL Conscious – Lewis Latimer 

ew video from ILL Conscious titled “Lewis Latimer” produced by Yashmall Allah. Stream/Buy :… – Spotify:… Lyrics: As we tower over the plain, this the gape for the late blossomer the flowers and the fame only get obtained by the posthumous If power’s in a name then I’m taking aim at the scholars with the doctorates Arrive at the banquet in suede moccasins blatant I take hostages, foes quoting the prototype pillaging blows leaving holes in the souls of the overhyped know the code and no I never been known as a socialite playing it coastal and keeping it low this oversight we up the promoter’s price, so bite the bullet, speaking idioms we feasting to even the equilibrium I teach them that the secrets go deeper than three millenniums where aesthetically pleasing meets the hideous so seek the linear, straighten the path and make the adjustments we channeling healing in your body like reiki instructors they knowledge the aura so I pace til the name be inducted and doing away with all the lames and snakes I entrusted yo the corner boy getting stripped to they nakedness we in a broken system where we attempted the maintenance derivative of kings that was swift and gifted with frankincense we taking hints and get them dismissed quick as Jamaican sprint resi on the fingertips while the federal bureau listen they speaking like God but they’re questionable and Eurocentric cognitive abilities dissipating, its neuro symptoms killing it til my face on the walls and the murals vivid this pure linguistic, they back beefing, they irate plasma when I’m speaking its that what’s needed to hydrate in front of the pack and leading the primates you feeding them lies and facts’ll have them running like magnesium citrate they live bait, I’m only building with the reciprocators niggas is shielded, all of the yes men and the instigators pardon when the God is talking, the jargon’s ridiculous emerging from the dark to the light through the carbon filament, word Hook: Keep improving through the calendar electric through the circuit, we moving like Lewis Latimer Keep improving through the calendar electric through the circuit, we moving like Lewis Latimer moving like Lewis Latimer electric through the circuit, we moving like Lewis Latimer #ILLConscious
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