JLC, Hip Hop Artist & CEO of A.A.G. Records Releases Impactful Single Titled “Apostle”

Acclaimed Hip Hop artist & CEO of A.A.G. Records announces the release of his new groundbreaking single titled “Apostle.” The record serves as a testament to his life. JLC breaks away from his signature style and flow to motivate through potent lyricism about his life experiences. Because, in his eyes, Hip Hop has lost a certain impact when it comes to driving conversations and societal issues, he set out to change the narrative. He invites listeners into his new transition.

“With this single, I am transitioning from regular Hip Hop to a more positive type of Hip Hop music answering my call to God. This track is based off of a true story of events in my life.” – JLC.

“Apostle” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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