Juelz Santana Explains Why ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ w/ Lil Wayne Never Dropped, Talks Setting Trends

Juelz Santana “Off The Porch” Interview We recently linked with the legendary Juelz Santana for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down he talked about the culture in Harlem, feeling like this generation has it harder, being ambitious as a kid, using music as a way to get out of the streets, having a deal with Priority before he met Cam’ron, reveals how he met Cam, jumping off the porch when he was 14, DJ Kay Slay being one of the first ones to put him on, their mixtape run, documenting their lives on DVDs, collabing with Supreme when they first started, not getting credit for setting a lot of trends, Drake recently bringing out DipSet at his New York show, the studio session for “Welcome To New York City” with Cam & Jay-Z, feeling starstruck when he met Queen Latifah & Rakim, having a friendly competition with other members of DipSet, always embracing artists from the South & Midwest, police raiding his studio & erasing over 100 of his songs, reveals one of the biggest life lessons he has learned, reveals artists he would like to work with, doing 19 months in federal prison, meeting a lot of talented people while locked up, advice he would share to his younger self, explains why “I Can’t Feel My Face” with Lil Wayne never was released, his new record “Whitney”, introduces his artists, and much more! Juelz Santana https://www.instagram.com/thejuelzsan… Interview by Spitty https://www.instagram.com/spittywill DGB Media https://www.dirty-glove.com https://www.instagram.com/dirtygloveb… https://www.instagram.com/dgb_offthep… https://www.twitter.com/DGBastard_ https://www.facebook.com/dirtygloveba… “Off The Porch” Interviews Playlist:    • DGB’s Exclusive “…   “Dirty Glove Weekly” Playlist http://hyperurl.co/v3kt4h “Off The Porch” is Dirty Glove Bastard’s exclusive interview series where artists, producers, DJs & industry insiders are given a platform to tell their unfiltered story. Dirty Glove Bastard was created in 2007 to shine more light on the buzzing, regional music scenes in the South & Midwest. 🔔 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!
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