Kid Problem-DMX Slipping Freestyle Tribute

The multi-talented New Jersey rapper is a lyrical dynamo poised to take the Rap game by storm. Every so often an artist comes along who has unique qualities and skills that puts him in a league of his own. Kid Problem falls into this category.

The prolific Eastcoast rapper is no stranger to life’s hard lessons, which has taught him to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in his path. His unique selling proposition is that he is not afraid to be himself and he incorporates many of his experiences into his music.

At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, Kid Problem is on a mission to redefine Rap music with authenticity. In his music, the emerging up-n-coming artist explores the complex struggles of everyday life. From tragedies and heartbreak to glory and triumph, he takes you on an inspiring journey. His music is raw, intense and explosive. Get to know Kid Problem as he continues to make a name for himself and drop new material daily. Kid Problem signed to independent record Label We Hot Music with a strong vision to take the industry by storm and put on for his city Irvington NJ and the whole entire NJ.

Here he drops a Freestyle “Slippin” paying homage to the late great Mc DMX  who recently passed dealt a powerful blow to the music world. With so much more to come tap in to kid problem and follow:





YouTube: [email protected]

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