Krypto – Hood Bizness

(NEW JERSEY) – From New Jersey to the Midwest, Krypto keeps it real, making his rap debut with his first single “Hood Bizness” produced by OZ On The Track. Whether a businessman in a tailored suit or a streetwise chief, Krypto plays both sides in his new video, “Hood Bizness” telling a story of a man who is invulnerable and relentless. The cinematic tones and hues in the video create a unique view within the warmth of the streets. Unforgiving and tough to see the realities, “Hood Bizness” video leaves you with a feeling of desperation turned into aspiration. Flossing in the Aston Martin, Kyrpto shows the proceeds of winning. From the streets to the private jet, you never know who’s watching. In “Hood Bizness”, “money talks so let it be”.

From the hood to the boardroom, Krypto is bringing heat with real bars on his single Hood Bizness. He makes his rap debut and sets the tone with his clever punchlines and raw hook. Krypto establishes himself as a self made man spitting real life while riding the beat. Quick cuts and realistic street shots are woven together to tell a story of ill gotten gains and the scrutiny that sometimes comes with it. “Real recognize real” and in this video Krypto unapologetically shows the real life he’s lived, rejecting the notion that it’s an easy game. “Hood Bizness” is a lesson in how to do it while dispelling the myth that everyone can. 

For media inquiries regarding Krypto please contact Briahna Gatlin 

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