Kyd Slade Bars On I-95 Freestyle

Home of the best rappers on the planet, Bars On I-95 Connecticut’s number 1 Rap platform. When it comes to hip hop culture Connecticut has always played a huge part in the success of many of your favorite industry artist’s careers, from touring to breaking new artists we’ve held many artists to high regards, todays episode covers one of Connecticut’s rising stars in the battle rap arena Mr Plug Talk himself Kyd Slade. Respected amongst his peers and feared by many in the battle rap industry. Kyd has proven himself time to be worthy of having a heavy pen. Tap in for his Bars On I-95 #freestyle183 @Kyd Slade @Kydslade Beats produced by: Two Four Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE SKILLS OVER POLITICS BRING YOUR PEN GAME NOT YOUR NAME Follow us and subscribe Instagram : @BARSONI95 FB: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @Barsoni95
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