Malik B of The Roots (Psychological Short Documentary)

Malik B of The legendary Roots Crew created a solo EP called “Psychological” back in 2005-2006. Street Assault a mixtape /cd and Psychological an EP started Malik B’s solo career. Haak Blast his manager, friend and executive producer worked with Malik B to develop,produce,distribute and promote this very underground cd under independent record label FDME (Future Development & Mind Expansion) and Future Blast Publishing. With the help of Malik B’s lyrical popularity and Haak Blast aggressive approach to promote they both forced Psychological into Malik B’s history jump starting Malik B to have a solo independent career. “Cheap Shots From God” is an art, Hip Hop and dedication short film about Malik B from The Roots Crew. Its a conversation between Hakim aka Haak Blast and Malik B about pain. This conversation took place at the beginning of 2020 in a phone conversation. South Street has always been a popular street in “Philly” like Beal Street is to Memphis. What Malik B encounters on his night stroll on south street is hilarious. The Full Psychological ep

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