Mic Bles x Level 13 “Levels In The Game”

Mic Bles’ “Levels In The Game” is a powerful and soulful track that showcases the rapper’s journey through the cutthroat world of hip-hop. The boom bap beat, produced by Level 13, perfectly complements Bles’ raw and honest lyrics about the trials and tribulations he has faced in the music business. This isn’t a track for the faint of heart, as Bles holds nothing back in his portrayal of the struggles he has faced to make it in the industry. Overall, “Levels In The Game” is a must-listen for any fan of authentic and unflinching hip-hop. Bles and 13 bring us another single off there new collaboration album “Saints With No Halos”. – Levels In The Game “Saints With No Halos” delivers as an ILL street hop saga from a raw producer / rap duo at the top of their game! Directed and shot by Unlocked Pictures Mic Bles x Level 13 Check the project here : https://li.sten.to/saintswithnohalos https://microphonebless.com/

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