King’s Disease III Available Now đź‘‘ Download/Stream King’s Disease III Nas – 30 (Official Video) ————-Tracklist———— 1. Ghetto Reporter 2. Legit 3. Thun 4. Michael & Quincy 5. 30 6. Hood2Hood 7. Recession Proof 8. Reminisce 9. Serious Interlude 10. I’m on Fire 11. WTF SMH 12. Once a Man, Twice a Child 13. Get Light 14. First Time 15. Beef 16. Don’t Shoot 17. Til My Last Breath (Bonus Track) —————-Nas—————- —————-Lyrics————— A divine creature Ran through dimes, divas I turned blocks to beaches By the time you see us, we just Turned tides even Cuban chain, got the largest pieces But I’m wild for keepin’ it so timeless Almost half a century with a crispy lineup My peeps Salaam said I remind him of Martin Lawrence Breakin’ hearts on some real thin line sh*t I’m done with star chicks, I survived divorces I ain’t have to climb back, I just climbed in Porsches Uh, I ain’t have to climb back, I just climbed in Porsches I was the ill seed, the illest one The villainized, but I feel free And the field be Crazy way before the drill beef Doesn’t matter this is sheer relief, I feel the breeze this is… Superhero material, rap star status Premier album still might happen I wonder why Pete Rock would act like that That type of behavior make me give rap right back And now I can’t tell if all the good that I did’s bein’ hid with they agenda again, n*gga I know that yall prayin’ I go back to nuttin’ We in the future, let’s get past the frontin’ Let’s get money This is practice This is magic History, havoc Instant classic This is madness In all fairness We been movin’ how you f*ck n*ggas wanna My 30 for 30 highlights doin’ numbers Goin’ on thirty summers Goin’ on thirty summers Goin’ on thirty summers I’m goin’ on thirty summers Goin’ on thirty summers Goin’ on thirty summers We been movin’ how you f*ck n*ggas want And my 30 for 30 highlights doin’ numbers Woo King! —————-Credits————— Director: Sarah McColgan Executive Producer: Missy Galanida Executive Producer: Isaac Rice Executive Producer: Andrea Saavedra Producer: Andrea Saavedra Producer: Kelo Thompson Prod Manager: Nataly Arroyo 1st AD: Niko Philipides 2nd AD: Khyber Law DP: Mika Alaskan 1st AC: Billy Briggs 2nd AC: Rob Alpine Photo Assist: Darrian Ferguson Steadicam Operator: Renard Cheran DIT: Kyle Reed Gaffer: Daniel Kagle BBE: Isaac Marziali Electric: Mike Williamson Electric: Cooper Lichacz Electric: Matthew Hall Key Grip: Luke Poole BBE: Steven Albovias Grip: Eric Fowler Grip: Nick Herman Prod Designer: Jevon Dismuke Leadman: Joshua Strickland Nas Wardrobe Stylist: April Roomet Hair/MUA: Lizzy Arroyo Truck PA: Mckay LeDuke Set PA: James Dixon Set PA: Malachi Barnes Set PA: Ryan Davis Set PA: Keira Torpie Set PA: Thomas Parker Playback: Kaidontrap Craft Service: Yule Owens Set Medic: Kyle Reynolds Owl Handler: Hawk On Hand Falconry Lead Female: Mariah Mckenzie Drummer: Drum Curby Editor: Sarah McColgan Assistant Editor: James Face Colorist: Tyler Roth @ Company 3 VFX: Max Colt @Frender —————————————– #Nas #30 #KingsDiseaseIII #KD3
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