Notes82 Releases New Single Titled “Best Thing”

With a calibrated catalog of music under his belt, Notes82 continues to push Hip Hop to another level. His new single release “Best Thing” is no exception and resonates as a lyrical diary entry.

Smooth piano keys with a soulful hook set the tone and entrance for Notes82. Through impeccable lyricism he shares his gratitude for Hip Hop…It’s because of Hip Hop he can paint pictures with words. It’s because of Hip Hop he can replace frauds and culture vultures. It’s because of Hip Hop his daily grind is filled with blood, sweat, and tears. It’ because of Hip Hop Notes82 gives back and pays homage.

“Best Thing” sums up the dedication Notes82 has for Hip Hop and his authenticity as an artist. Stream/download here on preferred platforms and connect with Notes82 below. 

Connect with Notes82

[email protected]

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