[Op-Ed] Ready For Combat

I’m not sure where people lose their humanity at times but they certainly do seem to be losing it at a frenetic pace these days. The things that delight and excite people to cruel intentioned giggles and fits of laughter at another’s expense is often mind boggling. You often want to ask people, “Is this really who you want to be? Are you really not better than this?” But you don’t bother because the idea of what their answer might be is just as troubling.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that some rappers turned podcasters or wanna be “journalists” have been less than genuine in their critique of our fallen brother Reggie Osse AKA Combat Jack.
This was a mistake of epic proportions and here’s why.

What these rappers turned podcasters don’t seem to understand is, they are not journalists by any stretch of the imagination. And while they may be great writers in rhyme form, they are in no way, shape or form great writers in long form. Nor are they great interviewers. If you have to ply people with substances to get them to talk … how good are you at your job?

Peddling your thoughts as if they are fact and selling them to the masses is not journalism. Period. Not now and not ever. Actual journalists know that.

This person that they are slandering, has helped popularize a platform that they are now eating off of.

There are certain rules that we live by. Punching downward is a no-no. Going after people that seemingly won’t fight back is bad enough. But taking a cheap swing at someone who is no longer here to defend themselves is downright disgusting.

In my opinion, it feels safe to say that while others may big them up, plenty of us are watching and feeling uninspired, unamazed and flat out repulsed by the unintelligent and inadequate way they seek to get attention while attempting pathetically to operate in our lane.

Well, had these fellas bothered to do their research, they would know they are eating off of podcasting because Reggie Osse did the work for them.

They are also providing for their families off of podcasting because the crew of the Combat Jack Show showed up and showed off and help to set the numbers ablaze so that people might take podcasting seriously.

And they now have the unmitigated gull, the unabashed audacity, to sit there and slam the man who did all of them a favor simply because he’s not here to say anything?

The thing that they didn’t count on is, that his friends who consider him family, are not going to let that rock. As long as there is ink in our pens and tones in our voices, we’re going to speak out every time they do it. Simple and plain.

And as for me, this is my major reason for responding, my brother Reggie has four beautiful children who don’t deserve this foolishness. They have been through enough with the loss of their father and they don’t need for anyone to come along and snatch the Band-Aid off their still healing hearts because it suits them to get attention that way.

Go make a hit instead of hitting on people who aren’t here to answer for themselves. Because this rebel without a clue behavior will only lead to further scathing reviews of anything they ever do. Lately they are becoming known for antics instead of artistic endeavors and it makes it so hard to defend them anymore. I know because as a fan of some of their music I used to try. But as a result of this, I’m done.

Saying that you didn’t say it, or that you just laughed is not a defence either because it could have been left out. A journalist would have known to edit that and leave it all the way on the floor. There was a choice to make and it certainly was made. I’m completely let down and disappointed as a result.

Those guys have legacies too and I’m sure that when they leave this earth they will want those legacies to be intact. How bout they grant a man who did the work so that they didn’t have to the same courtesy. And as a gentle reminder going forward, people can have all the money in the world but it can’t but two things … intelligence or class. The laughter in this clip demonstrates this full stop.

So, in essence gentleman … grow up. Because luckily for you … you still can.

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