Producers Spotlight- Hanzo Bladez

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, but now residing in Upstate, NY, Hanzo Bladez is a pure hip hop connoisseur! From the early days of Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap to the Modern Hip Hop sounds of Griselda & Roc Marciano, Hanzo Bladez is always in tune with anything related to Underground Hip Hop!

He started MC’ing at the early age of 9 and began producing his own beats by his late 20’s. Known for his obscure sample flips and hard knocking drums, Hanzo Bladez is always searching to find that new Underground Hip Hop sound with a touch of Golden Era Hip Hop!

Since the summer of 2019, Hanzo Bladez, has joined forces with his newfound brothers – Mo Rukuz, Enels, Frank White and Lace Fueg (GRIMEWAV).

What’s your name and where are you from?

Hanzo Bladez and I’m from Brooklyn NY, now living in The Schenectady NY (Upstate) area.

Is production your hobby or day job?

More of a passion then a hobby and although I have a full-time job I still get paid for my production.

What is your weapon of choice? (daw/ beat making set up)

Currently using ACID PRO and MPC software with MPC Live. In the past I used Reason and Fruity Loops with MPC 500.

What was it that made you say you wanted to be a producer?

Honestly I always felt like I had the ear for this shit, but I didn’t start actually producing until I moved to the upstate NY area in like 2004. The main reason for getting into production was mainly due to being an MC and not being able to find the kind of beats I liked spittin’ to so I decided to just start makin’ them myself.

Who is your biggest influence as a producer?

Preemo, RZA and Havoc.

what does your family think about your producing?

The fam definitely love and support what I do for sure. My mom loved the idea of sampling and would help me pick out what songs to sample all the time.

What is the one peice of gear past or present that you wish you had?

Probably the same thing that every producer wishes for…SP1200!

If you could sit in a room with 1 producer dead or alive and pick their brain for an hour, who would it be?

Rick Rubin

what do you think about the current state of boom bap producing, and where do you see it going?

To me boom bap production has always been around since I don’t follow what’s mainstream, but in the past few years I’ve been noticing the need for that golden era sound. So many boom bap producers are beginning to emerge as well and I think its truly dope that we all get to witness this for the second time around!

If you can make a beat for any artist dead or alive who would it be?


Are there any current producers you have your eye on right now?

So many to mention but off top I’m a say Stu Bangas, Johnny Slash, Vic Grimes, Giallo Point, Nicholas Craven, Heretic Beats, Hobgoblin, Tone Spliff, Bo Faat, Enels, Tee-0, Shaolin Luciano, Pretty Ugly, Mute_Won, Jack The Rich, Hinez, Tali Rodriguez, Elgee Da Beatdetonator and Reese Tanaka!

Youre involved heavily with the Grimewav movement. who/ what is Grimewav and how did you get involved?

Grimewav is a hip hop movement with currently 5 core members: Mo Rukuz, Enels, Frank White, Lace Fueg and myself. I got involved through a mutual friend who introduced me to Mo Rukuz back early 2019. Him and Enels already had the movement started and they felt that I would fit the mold perfectly so they embraced me with open arms…truly grateful for that! But during my first meeting with Ruk I was just gonna let him hear some of my production, but not a few mins later after several freestyle sessions we were already talking about creating a project together and from then on its been non stop!!!

As a producer who also makes music, how do you decide what beats to give to someone else and what to keep for yourself?

I always let my team hear my production first. So they get first dibs on anything I produce. Once nothing has been decided I normally just post them on IG, Facebook and Twitter. I’d rather have the artist contact me directly then go through beatstars or some other platform where there’s really no communication being made. There have been a few cases where I’ve sent out a few beat packs to artists I felt like working with at the time, but for the most part most of my interactions have been done through DM or even a phone call. Although I’m a private person I’m very personable and approachable when it comes to doing business.

what do you think of the “type beat” phenomenon, or the 30 beats for $10 business model? do you think it hurts or help the beat making business?

I’m not into the whole “Type beat” thing, but there are definitely some dope producers that are in that lane. I don’t think it hurts the business though as much as devaluating your art.

What do you think about Leasing Beats?

Not my thing at all. Never was one for leasing beats. Once I give that beat to an artist it is theirs and theirs only unless specified otherwise by all parties involved. I’m not going to hate on those who do it though. Everyone has their own way of hustling to earn.

What do you think about the effect of social media on music/beat selling?

Man I think it’s honestly real dope and without it I wouldn’t have made half the connections I’ve made in the past couple of years. Like I said I sell all of my production through social media and lets just say last year was a really good year for me. For any new and upcoming producer I highly recommend having multiple outlets but if you have a blueprint then stick to it because that’s what artists are looking for! It’s all about that signature sound and exclusivity!

where can you be reached/where can people hear/ buy your beats?

People can reach me via email at [email protected] and if anyone is looking to work with me all of my production can be heard on my IG page which I mention below.
Instagram: @hanzo_bladez

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