Realio Sparkzwell & Tone Spliff – Dynasties (Official Music Video)

Upstate / Central NY emcee Realio Sparkzwell and producer/DJ Tone Spliff link for a new album titled “Gunz From Italy”. Check the first visual “Dynasties” above.

Filmed by John Armstrong, Edited by Delshnjorinski.

Stream the album on all platforms:

Gunz From Italy is a raw and gritty hip-hop album that oozes with underground flavor. The album’s unique vibe is thanks in part, to the fact that all of its tracks are built around samples from Italian music, giving each song an intriguing old-world feel. Realio Sparkzwell’s rhymes are sharp, intelligent, and infused with a keen street sensibility that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. He deftly weaves tales of his experiences growing up in Upstate New York, touching on topics like poverty and crime.

The title track “Gunz From Italy” is reminiscent of the classic mid 90’s. The hypnotic beat just catches you right off the bat and the cuts are incredible. You would think the song would be glorifying guns but if you pay attention to the lyrics, Realio is talking about the worldwide tragedy and hypocrisy of it all. Overall its a deep song that is quite mesmerizing and has great playback value.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Dynasties,” on which Realio Sparkzwell takes listeners on a journey through the city, backed by a mafioso string melody. He showcases his lyrical dexterity on this track, delivering mordant one-liners alongside intricate rhymes.

Another highlight of “Gunz From Italy” is the track “Mambo,” which features the album’s only guest verse by Copywrite of mHZ. The two emcees spit verses over a recognizable Italian classic, showcasing their undeniable rhyme chemistry.

If you’re a fan of that Golden Era Hip Hop sound, give Gunz From Italy a spin!

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