Ronnie & Neguin Meet the JABBAWOCKEEZ in Las Vegas | Breaking Beyond

“Seeing B-Boy Neguin in a Jabbawockeez mask.. this dude is capable of anything.” – B-Boy Ronnie πŸ’―

Ronnie & Neguin check out the dance scene in Las Vegas, meet pro artists, discover the origins of Full Force Crew, watch an underground battle – and Neguin rocks the Jabbawockeez mask. πŸ’ͺ See the whole trip & catch the FULL episode here πŸ“Ί:🎬

BREAKING BEYOND is a new series that follows Red Bull BC One All Stars Menno, Ronnie, Junior, Shigekix, Neguin and Kastet as they tour fellow crew members around their home country & city, showcasing culture, traditions & experiences along the way πŸ™Œ Even better news? It’s an inside look at the local breaking scene! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ Now’s your chance to discover b-boys & b-girls in their native community & see how the art gave rise to some of the world’s best breakers we know today 🌍 Watch the episodes NOW on Red Bull TV πŸ“Ί:

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Giving wings to dancers and fans of b-boying and b-girling around the world 🌏 Whether you’re a fan of footwork, freezes, power moves or flow, whatever your style, it’s good to have you in the breaking scene.


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