San Diego South Bay Native RhymeStyleTroop Speaks On Working With The Youth And Her New Single “Each1Teach1”!

RhymeStyleTroop has something that is extremely rare these days, she knows her purpose. She comes with a raw authentic presence, complimented by a rhyming skillset way beyond her years. A South Bay native who grew up surrounded by OG’s in the game, it is only natural that she would soak it all up. Although RhymeStyleTroop grew up on the West Coast, much of her musical influence comes from the East Coast. RhymeStyleTroop attributes her love for East Coast music to her brother. “He was the first one I remember bumping underground Hip Hop around me. It influenced me to start digging!”

You can both see and hear the influences of Hip Hop with RhymeStyleTroop! Influences like Guru, Gang Starr, Sean P, Wu-Tang, MF DOOM, and Black Thought to name a few. When it comes to her passion, that is a combination of music and giving back to the youth. RhymeStyleTroop teaches when she’s not doing music but still involves the kids with her music including them in her recent music video “Each1Teach1”. “It’s what fuels me to reach my goals and keep prospering. I love my community! I would like to open up youth centers all over the world that help kids identify their purpose.”

The new track “Each1Teach1” also features Blame One and is produced by PreedOne with kutz by DJDstyles. This highly anticipated track drops 1/6/23. This project is clearly one close to her heart. RhymeStyleTroop spoke about wanting to be the adult she always needed growing up. It is evident that RhymeStyleTroop has a positive influence both in her music and in her teaching. Positive thought-provoking music is something that lacks in a lot of today’s music. For someone like RhymeStyleTroop music is like breathing. She couldn’t imagine life without it! “I had a vision at the age of 13 GOD passed me the mic and said let everything you do and say be dope!”

Music has always been a part of RhymeStyleTroop’s life. She is one of those people that consistently keeps it real! “No rapping over vocals over here!” RhymeStyleTroop talks about legacy and writing music that will last forever. “Writing music is like creating puzzle pieces, sometimes I will attach a chorus from two years ago to a recently written verse.” RhymeStyleTroop said she most often writes on the transit, almost like a bit of loud chaos that gives her clarity. In the future she sees herself with multiple successful brands, continuing her positive movement for the youth and working with Damon Dash. She has a focus and determination that will see her words to fruition.

Going forward RhymeStyleTroop would love to perform in New York. “Thats the mecca of Hip Hop!” She is also looking to collaborate with DJ Premier. “Because you’re not stamped in Hip Hop without a collab from the god!” She also spoke about wanting to harmonize with Raekwon of the Wu-Tang! RhymeStyleTroop is comfortable in her position and from what we see already set to do great thing both for the youth and behind the mic! You can check out her recent project she just released with ManZuBeatZ called “Cypher” available everywhere and on vinyl at To get in touch with RhymeStyleTroop click the links below!

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Article By Angie Kirsch

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