[Op-Ed] Senica Da Misfit: Gone But Never Forgotten


Senica Da Misfit and Skyy Hook

I can’t believe that I’m the new Editor-In-Chief of Boom Bap Nation. As exciting as this is, it’s also a little bittersweet.

You see, every single Hip Hop endeavor that I have taken on since the beginning of my career has involved a very special friend who is no longer with me. I’m so proud of this honor and I know that Senica Da Misfit would have loved this too.

Not one day has gone by since we lost him a year ago, that I didn’t stop and wonder what he would think about what I was doing with my career. This is a move that he would have loved and he would have found a way to be a part of what I was doing somehow just to be supportive of me. To me, Senica was Hip Hop…the very definition in fact.

And while I may go on to do even bigger and better things than I was ever able to do before, there will always be a little piece of me that wishes Senica was still here to go through it with me and to see how high we could fly.

So, it seemed only fitting that the very first piece that I write at my new gig at this prestigious publication still include him. I know he’s somewhere looking down on me and smiling that big Senica smile. I can almost hear his classic laugh now, as I know he’d love the fact that I’m even writing this note to you all.

But it’s just my way of making sure that I never have a hip hop endeavor that doesn’t have one of the best damn emcees’s to ever live attached to it. We miss you Senica and the crew is still trying to make you proud. When you see what we’ve got coming next, you’ll know that nothing was in vain. I promise.


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