Skanks The Rap Martyr Ft. Innocent? “Let Me Warn Y’all” (Video)

From corners to booths, Skanks The Rap Martyr proves his lyrical gangster reign throughout NY’s boroughs. “Let Me Warn Y’all” featuring Innocent? Is taken from Skank’s new album ‘Out of Nowhere’ with production by The Last Composer. The cinematic mob vibe will throw audiences into parallels from the hit series The Wire. Bar for bar there’s no comparison even though folks are out here testing him to see where his heart is. They hope he falls and fails but Skanks stands pillar tall and keep in mind that he’s always ready to go, never a need to prepare or get ready. The classic gritty NY melodies force viewers to grip Skank’s lyrical venom. Watch “Let Me Warn Y’all” and be sure to cop the new album ‘Out of Nowhere’ on streaming platforms.

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