Streets Soprano of Eastside Buffalo Has Definitely Entered the Building!

Streets Soprano delivers a casually riveting performance! Not one of arrogance but one of comfortable precision. There is something quietly dangerous about and artist that just grinds! No doubt Streets Soprano will follow in the footsteps of the greats that have honed their craft!

Streets Soprano aka Cornelius Robinson is proud to be a father first to his teenage son Zymirr. He takes great pride in being a Young Black King/Entrepreneur from Eastside Buffalo, NY! Streets was very authentic in answering my question of where he would be if it wasn’t for music “honestly the streets.” Family is important to him. Having his son happy, mom and grandma comfortable. That means everything! “The real outcome of the street life is dead or in prison, so every day I thank god for another chance at life!”

Music has been a part of Streets Soprano’s life since he was a child. “Since I was about six years old music has been a dream of mine.” He recounted to me the first time he recorded in a studio with his God Father David at the age of 8. He recorded a cappella, it ended up giving him and amazing ear. He now Executive Produces all his all his own music. Streets was raised on music. “My Uncle’s all had a rap group mid 90’s.” Other influences in life were artists like Nas, DMX, The Lox, and Cash Money to name a few. When it comes to Streets Soprano’s rapping style its “Buffalo, NY, old New York, Boom Bap, Real Hip Hop, with my own spin to the GXFR sound. Giving the world what’s known as Streets Soprano sound.” He commented how he always has his Dre Beats on. “Most the time I write on my phone. I write on the go whenever and wherever, I like to be prepared in the studio!”

I asked Streets Soprano when he realized music was it. “I’ve been in music since I was young but honestly my “LAST” wakeup call was Benny, who I look up to. We came from the same city and the same struggle!” Streets Soprano decided it was time to give music everything and leave the street life, he once loved behind. He spoke about his skill of being human. Being humble and understanding. “It got me this far and continues to bless me every day.” He spoke about being a voice for people of Buffalo as a whole. “For a long time, no one was showing the youth that you could really be from the hood (the bottom) and still prevail!”

“My strive, ambition, hunger, and work ethic set me apart from all other rappers in this industry! I see a lot of artist’s content and I always feel like I can do better! My LP “U Hear Me” did 100k plays the first three weeks. I want “Freedom Behind Bars” to do 200k the first three weeks!” Streets Soprano wants to not only become a successful artist/rapper, but also entrepreneur in different areas of business. “I am the CEO of my label TrustNobodyMusicGroup. I am looking to sign other acts in the near future. I am also working with my TNBFilms production team on acting. My vision for my career is generational wealth!”

Going forward Streets Soprano plans on becoming more active in his community as a role model and leader. “I want to give hope and make a difference.” Streets Soprano spoke about connecting more with his fans. “If you give good engagement and energy after every Streets Soprano performance or showcase, should be sold fans!” I learned through this interview how much of a well-rounded artist Streets Soprano truly is. He spoke about harmonizing with SZA. “I think her voice is amazing!” If Streets got the opportunity to do a project like that, he spoke about wanting to be musically ready to create a long lasting, impactful piece of art/music. As far as male collaborations Streets spoke of working with Drake or Lil Durk. “I have followed both of their careers. A lot of people doubted them, but I saw what everyone else didn’t and now look!” He also spoke about performing in Africa. “I feel like I would give it my all and leave a name behind in The Mother Land as a Young Black King from Eastside Buffalo, NY!” Street Soprano is going one direction and that is up!

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Article By Angie Kirsch

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