The Ballyboyz – THEY LIVE

Brothers from the Wexside, Dee the Antisocial and Spaceman Steve make up the two halves of the Bally Boyz. Rapping and producing together for the past eight years, honing in on their craft and creating a unique boom bap element to Irish hip hop.

They challenge the constraints of our freedom. They question the sincerity of the food we eat. They analyze consumerism. They encourage independent thought. They are the Ballyboyz and Citizen Black with their new track They Live. The trio have collaborated once again with an impressionable mellow beat and spit fire bars. Accompanied by an enticing adaptation of the 1988 cult classic They Live. The video, produced/directed by Ballyboy member Dee the Anti-Social twists the original plot towards a more modern tech crazed society. Wexford brothers and North Dublin rapper Citizen Black infringe on the barriers that hold society back in They Live.






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