Truth – Entourage (feat. Ras Kass, Large Pro, Tragedy Khadafi, Treach & Joe Fatal) Video

Queens emcee Truth connects with hip-hop royalty for his epic new video, “Entourage,” that features Ras Kass, Large Pro, Tragedy Khadafi, Treach, and Joe Fatal as well as neck-breaking production from Da Beatminerz.
The video is directed by Tydro Embassy Elite and it takes place in the historic Queensbridge houses, where the likes of Nas, MC Shan, Marley Marl, Havoc, and many more called home. “It’s all really crazy how it all turned out in the end,” Truth said about creating this video. “Not only did I have these legendary lyricists on a track with me, but they all came out to do a video for me, too. It almost doesn’t seem real.”
The visuals have that old-school posse cut feel to them, with each emcee getting the chance to spit his rhymes at the camera. And tying it all together is that straight-up dope instrumental from Da Beatminerz, who actually produced the entirety of Truth’s new album, For All Intents and Purposes.
Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred DSP to pre-order For All Intents and Purposes, which becomes available this Thursday via Animal Military Records. The album is also available on vinyl in a maple green variant, exclusively through Get On Down!
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Tracklist:01. Power of Truth 02.  Let’s Do It (feat. DJ Evil Dee)03. Duck Dodge Hide (feat. DJ Evil Dee)04. Where You At? (feat. PF Cuttin)05. Listen Up (feat. DJ JS-1)06.  Aim for the Kill (feat. DJ JS-1)07. Fistory in the Making (feat. PF Cuttin)08. Stomped Out (feat. DJ JS-1) 09. Brutality (feat. DJ Evil Dee)10. Attack (feat. Large Professor)11. Take Em Down (feat. PF Cuttin)12. Entourage (feat. Ras Kass, Tragedy Khadafi, Large Professsor, Treach, Joe Fatal)13. Pardon the Distruption14. The Eternal Force (feat. DJ JS-1)

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