UK Hip Hop Duo Taoreta 倧れた Debut ‘Samurai Nation’ Double EP

Loaneski and DJ Icon make up the famed, UK-based Taoreta 倧れた. They are acclaimed for their unmatched and signature blends of traditional Asian influences and boom-bap. Their debut double EP ‘Samurai Nation’ is no exception. The 12-track project features Cara Michelle, Donna Phillips, Steven Faulkner, and Mona Roselianne. The EP is not for the lighthearted as the duo touch on societal and worldly issues that most governmental authorities use their reign to keep swept under the rug. The fused kaleidoscope of natural soundscapes, instrumental blends, boom-bap cadences, and Asian persuasions will have audiences mesmerized while digesting the potency of the EP.

“Birth of a Dragon” kicks the EP off with different excerpts about dreams, communication, freedom, and even the notorious mantra, wax on wax off. Profound cuts and scratches steer and emphasize what’s to come next. “Political Politician” exudes audio Kill Bill vibes. The premise of the record is not to give up. Even during times of political force and power or being encircled by concrete walls, one must still move with good intentions and show love. The hook sways and resonates throughout the record.

Smooth arrangements commence “Ballad of a Warrior” with distinct boom-bap cadences to follow. In a world brimming with distress and destruction, it is imperative to stand tall even if that means being the last man standing in the dust.

Gentle and comforting sounds of violins emanate a sense of peace that’s yearned for in “Rise of the Fallen.” Can peace exist without weapons? Through the mist and storms, skies sing for bodies to rise and walk. Although culturally different, we all bleed the same and breathe in the same air. “Apple Tree” is a record that parents in today’s world need to listen to, take in, and take heed of. Electronics and television are feeding the minds of our youth. The lack of discipline and parental influences has created an era of poor relationships, along with broken homes and families that set the tone for promiscuous behavior and searching for love in all the wrong places, hence the glorification of street life.

Moody keys set the stage for “Dreams.” We are taught at a young age to believe in our dreams and to follow them. But are we prepared to do so once we enter the enormous mouth of the world? Will we lean towards a righteous path to delve into creativity, or will we choose a path owned by the devil? “Silhouette of Life”  begins with compelling, somber arrangements that stress the question of whether hope is a fairytale. The passionate spoken-word deliverance is both hair-raising and pivotal. We are reminded that in life the mission is not to become a hero, rather the mission is to leave an immortal legacy.

“Lyrical Samurai” hits heavy with prominent Asian sentiments driven by striking drums. The record is an ode to Hip Hop and masters of ceremonies. Minutes of lyrical daggers encompass the culture as a way of life not only music. The essence is embodied and offers a brief Hip Hop 101 lesson.

Amplified keys and chords set the tone of possible war and destruction in “Shadows in Dust.” Panic, stress, and sweaty palms take over as the melodic hook sways back and forth. Is this journey a destined one?

“Samurai Nation” is an audio animation of the breath from a dragon getting closer and closer. The smokey tones become more and more intense as the record pans out. This is an extreme lesson on how to practice discipline to disarm enemies, in this case, psychological warfare and governmental control. The high-energy anthem-style hook thumps and echoes throughout the verses.

“Seasons” captivates with a sonic intro and keys. Head-nodding bass follows and highlights different moves through the seasons. Emotive harmonies and sharp wordplay proclaim that no matter the weather, one must always stay on course and on point. “Fade” is the finale of the EP. The flow of instruments and Quoatables reiterate the overall theme of the project. It’s about keeping our cores fueled and murdering tainted people with happiness. The empowering hook strikes with a last-breath testament of never fading.

Taoreta 倒れた displays a fierce sense of lyrical courage that is undeniable and unapologetic. They touch on matters of the heart, the mind, the conscious, and how to survive in an oppressed world of uncertainty. The incomparable music arrangements of Asian influences and boom-bap cadences offer audiences an unforgettable, ear-pleasing experience that will flavor the same now and in ten years. Stream ‘Samurai Nation’ below and connect with the UK group.

‘Samurai Nation’ EP Production: Written & Performed By Taoreta 倒れた & Loaneski

Composed & Produced By Taoreta 倒れた & DJ Icon

Mixed & Mastered By Adam Lewis Mixing






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