UNLIMITED Rounds Battle feat. Phil Wizard vs. Hong 10 -RED BULL BC ONE

Stamina check? DOWN πŸ’ͺ😎 B-Boy Phil Wizard vs. B-Boy Hong 10

Hong 10 & Phil Wizard hit the battle floor in this crazy test of skill, style & stamina! The goal? Battle ’till you can’t no more. No judges. No time limit. Just music, moves & a challenger who’s ready to outlast & outdo your every move. Get ready for a showdown that’ll stand the test of time. Literally.

Meet HONG 10: Recognized for his creativity & stamina, Kim Hong-Yeol, aka Hong 10, is an international name in the breaking scene. A former member of the Korean crew Expressions & a current member of Drifterz (X) and FLOWXL (O), B-Boy Hong 10 is not your ordinary world champion.

After winning his first Red Bull BC One World Final in 2006, he returned in 2013 to the notoriously challenging Red Bull BC One 10th Anniversary World Final. This competition gathered all the previous world champions along with the year’s best up-and-comers in Seoul, Korea, Hong 10’s home country. Amidst the pressure, he came out on top and cemented his place as a two-time Red Bull BC One World Champion.

Since then, he has been recognized globally for his signature moves & passion in nurturing the breaking culture for the next generation. His major solo and crew titles span all the top international events, including UK B-Boy Championships, Battle of the Year, New Taipei BBoy City and Freestyle Session Korea.

To Hong 10, breaking is a two-way street. You gotta give respect to earn respect!

Want more of Hong 10? Watch his best moments here: https://win.gs/3uYUuRF

Meet PHIL WIZARD: Phil Wizard was 13-years-old when he saw a breaking street show in downtown Vancouver. Mesmerized, he went home and immediately searched breaking on YouTube. The first video that came up was Lilou vs. Cloud in the final battle of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2009. He was blown away by what he saw and began his journey to become a b-boy.

From this inspiration, Phil would continue to harness his creativity & skills through training and local & international battle stages. Eventually, he would go on to compete on the Red Bull BC One World Final stage for the first time in 2019. He then went on to battle B-Boy Amir in the final battle of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2021.

With battle titles and plenty of achievements already under his belt, Phil believes that all of his accomplishments come down to simply being consistent. This drive & love for the art of breaking also earned him a place as one of the newest members of the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

β€œI do this because I just love to create and dance every day, and I think that’s the kind of approach you have to have.”

Check out what inspires Phil Wizard’s breaking here: https://win.gs/3ZhikqE

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