ViralMusicTV Throws An Hip Hop Assist


Musicians in any genre have to battle multiple daily obstacles. From recording to distribution, being a musician in 2022 isn’t an easy task. Add on top of that the ever changing social media algorithms. Which seems to be designed to broadcast the most funniest meme, instead of the music industries next best song. This is where ViralMusicTV comes in to play.

Danny owner of ViralMusicTV
Danny owner of ViralMusicTV

ViralMusicTV has made strides with marketing and promotion. It’s becoming the go to place for much needed artist resources and development. Recently working on Troy Ave’s “The Facto Show”. Assisting in placement opportunities for countless artist, including Tek from Smif-N-Wessun. Who he assisted placement for his recent appearance on ‘The Inphamus Hour”. Which is hosted by Shade 45 radio Dj Da Inphamus Amadeuz.

The company has gone as far to handling marketing for an episode of “Overtime”. The bar heavy saga hosted by Sway Calloway. It’s easy to see why they are becoming one of the top resources for not only independent artist, but large labels abroad. Providing top notch marketing & engagement on all social platforms

You create some fresh content. Post it and no one sees it. What is the exact reason? Well little do people know, social media platforms have a habit of “shadow banning” content. Sometimes for no reason at all. In fact, Instagram is actively restricting some people’s posts so they don’t show up for hashtags or their followers feeds. The only way for people to see your posts when a post is shadow banned is to type their name in search and visit their actual profile

The vision is very clear. Put the algorithm back into the hands of the creator. Not what a robot sees as most popular. By the looks of it, the company is well on it’s way to achieving it’s goal

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