Yo! Aphro❤️✌🏼️presents “Sedgwick & Cedar”, feat: 7 DOPE MC’s

“Sedgwick and Cedar”. A HIP HOP collective. Enjoy!! “That’s Hip Hop!!” **REAL HIP HOP** Features: Trife of Junkies_Atl, Akil the MC from Jurrasic 5, K.O. Da Prynce, El Da Sensei of the Artifacts, JGarvi, TheRealSixman and your girl, YoAphro❤️✌🏽 Produced by, Mike King and executive produced by, Trife of Junkies_Atl A quick message from the creator of this piece… To the fellas that are featured in this song, thank you again for joining me in giving back to the culture. This song is a special one and the creation behind this song will never be forgotten. You all got busy!! Salute to you for the time, dopeness, and hip hop to help make this joint as special as it is. YOU ALL DID THAT!! Much love and peace always. Stay Fresh!! #Trife #junkies_atl #akilthemc #jurrasic5 #kodaprynce #eldasensei #artifacts #jgarvi #therealsixman Hip Hop, Don’t Stop!! #YoAphro❤️✌🏽
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