Why Young Guru Should Be On Your List Of Favorite Mix Masters

Young Guru is a gifted engineer and an equally talented DJ. However, fans don’t seem to know he is a multi-hyphenate in his abilities across the board. But they should. Sure everyone hails his engineering work, but if they have never seen him destroy a DJ set then they are only able to appreciate half of the awesomeness that makes up the man himself.

Young Guru is a name that is well-known among Hip Hop heads and even some general music lovers for the audible musical treats and collaborations that he has put forth over the years. As an engineer, he has worked with some of the most iconic names in the industry, such as Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Eminem, just to name a few.

However, despite his achievements and contributions to the music industry, Young Guru is not always given the recognition that he deserves as a DJ. But why?

Anyone who has seen him take over a party or grace a live stage can tell you that he possesses an important skill that has genuinely become a lost art. He grasps the attention of everyone in the room during his set and hangs on for dear life until he spins the last song!

The crowd literally chants for the display that he puts on to continue regardless of the situation. In the past, cops and the fire department have been banging down the door to shut down the party. The spectators just started shouting, “So what! Keep going!” and sometimes…he did!

What also sets him apart from many others in the music industry is his humble demeanor. He doesn’t appear to let his success get to his head and he seems to remain grounded in his love for music and the culture. In fact, Yung Guru bonds with his fans over their shared love of the music and it endears him to them even more.

Young Guru has been instrumental in mentoring the next generation of audio engineers and producers, often sharing his knowledge and expertise to help others succeed. In a game driven by ego and self-centeredness, it is refreshing to see someone with such talent, who uses their platforms to sing the praises of others instead of just spewing the usual braggadocious nonsense that we’ve become all too familiar with. A simple scan of his socials will show you example after example of this.

Young Guru is a true gem among many fakes within the music industry. He is a role model for aspiring producers and audio engineers, and his contributions to Hip Hop DJ culture cannot be overstated. So, stop sleeping on his DJ dopeness! If you get the opportunity to check him out at a spot where he is spinning … Go!

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