About Us

Boom Bap Nation is a website dedicated to Hip Hop culture. The tagline “The Only Way To Bring It Back Is To Bring It Back” is a reference to a time in Hip Hop when artistic integrity was a driving force. Our site offers, interviews, features, music and videos, along with classic throwback content. Referred to by dedicated users as BBN, Boom Bap Nation includes a shop, a blog, and a 24 hour live option via Roku. Boom Bap Nation highlights the elements of Hip Hop, many mainstream entities overlook in favor of trendier content. Artists featured on BBN have global fan bases, commercial longevity, and boast major contributions to Hip Hop. BBN encompasses the positive and educational elements of rap music, while embodying the rebellious spirit of the culture by rejecting the typical imagery presented by other media outlets. Boom Bap Nation is a reliable source for Hip Hop, that lovers of the culture worldwide can easily navigate and enjoy.