AfroDev & Samplicity – Blueberry (Official Video)

AfroDev new video “Blueberry”. Produced by Samplicity. Stream AfroDev :… Stream Samplicity :… Rapper: AfroDev AfroDev is an English-speaking rapper from Hamburg, Germany. Originally from Ghana, he came to Germany in his early youth and grew up in Hamburg. He started rapping about 10 years ago and has since released 3 albums, as well as various singles. His biggest influences are legends like Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and Kanye West. In 2021, he teamed up with the producer collective SAMPLICITY to produce the double album project “Primetime DeVinci”. Minimalistic, sample-based instrumentals combined with his smooth flow and unique voice. The first part will be released on 7th October this year. AfroDev Instagram: AfroDev LinkTree: Producer: SAMPLICITY SAMPLICITY is a Hamburg-based collaborative project made up of five producers. They’ve been knowing each other for over ten years, brought together by their passion for Hip Hop music. The term is made out of the words “sample” and “simplicity” combined. They take inspiration from the 1970s and 1980s Jazz Fusion and Soul music. Shattering every element of these musical forms to create a whole new creation with a very refreshing sound and vibe. SAMPLICITY Instagram: SAMPLICITY LinkTree: Mix & Master: DJ Swab Instagram:… #AfroDev #Samplicity
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