André DeSaint – Shame & Lust (Official Music Video)

Artist: André DeSaint Song: Shame & Lust (produced by @swishwrist ) Album: Saints Never Die Directed by: Mijo ( Lyrics: [Verse 1] I’m just trying to make it home I’ve been in a vacant zone That’s a lot of glass around you Careful where you place your stones You ain’t in my world yet Who you think you flaming on? Capo on that third fret Boy you better change your tone I’ma sound amazing on Anything you put behind my voice I’ma go crazy on I don’t even give myself a choice I’m a few days beyond Anything you say you on I’ma stack my chips ‘till everybody at this table gone Bitch I’m here to set them straight Tell them boys to set a date Really I’m in rare form you can get it in several states DOOM SBs on, Rеst In Peace to Metal Facе I’m with Hell’z OWN and we’ve been rattling heaven’s gates I don’t think I’m ever safe, so I stay dangerous I’ve been dapping angels up Shooters keep your flamers tucked We don’t got a word to say if that shit don’t pertain to us She said she’s been full of shame and lust But trying to hang with us (okay) [Hook] I do be looking clean when I’m moving through the scene Usually with a queen, chewing on Peruvian cuisine And she’s thicker than the plot from any movie that you’ve seen I got Ksubi on my jeans and a doobie full of green [Verse 2] I’m just trying to make it stack Spend a dub, make a rack Before I spend a dollar I plan out how I’m gonna make it back Just because your people echo what you say don’t make it fact You just blew your third chance Ya’ll be getting paid to cap Playing with a handicap Still got my foot on your neck I just be stating facts Ya’ll do shit I couldn’t respect You got no shame in that? Forever I remain in tact When you talking about the greatest acts Put my name in that Fly pretty nigga in the ALD Yankees hat Paying ya’ll in inspiration One day ya’ll gonna pay me back I just want the dollars I don’t care for what the fame attracts Go to war and bring it back Think, load, aim, attack You might also like [Hook]
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