AOGF – The Boogieman

Gregory F Hutchison aka Cold 187um is a producer/ Mc , from one of the most prolific rap groups in the game ; Above the law. His Uncle is the legendary Willie Hutch, so music is embedded in Cold 187um’s dna. Who can forget Uncle Sams Curse, Black mafia life , Livin Like a Hustler etc. , just as well as producing for Eazy E’s Ruthless records & many other recording artists through out the year’s. Cold 187um is responsible for creating the style of music called G-FUNK, which has been very influential on some of the biggest rap stars in the music industry, & is responsible for writing & producing 3 artist ; Eazy E , NWA & 2 PAC , who is now inducted in the HALL OF FAME… He also discovered The Legendary Kokane ; which happens to be his cousin. It all started back in the 1989 , when Cold 187um & kokane, recorded a 3 song demo & Solicited the tracks to Eazy E. Kokane then signed to Ruthless Records shortly after. Back in the early 90’s , Cold 187um would have Kokane guest appear on Above The Law’s album’s as a G-FUNK Crooner / Singer & MC. Cold 187um also produced Kokane’s Albums “Who Am “I & “Funk Upon A Ryhme”; for Ruthless Records. Kokane is now known for being the most featured collaborative recording artist in the world & is the son of Motown legend “JERRY BUDDY LONG” Kokane & Cold 187um , is back with a new funk / Soul / Hip hop band they’ve created. They call themselves “A O G F” ; which stands for the Architects Of Gfunk. Check out the new single: “The Boogie Man” now available on all digital platforms… AOGF’s “WE HAVE RETURNED” album coming soon via

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